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We began to create storytelling events and experiences during lockdown. Marion was developing online projects for Kingston Libraries and Richard was making storytelling videos. The development officer for Kingston Libraries introduced us and a creative partnership was born.

Each of our joint creations has been different but they all have the same underlying concept of immersion and participation. We have now decided to bring our work together under the banner of "Story Circles".

We want to develop different ways of experiencing stories both online and in the real world. We have a shared commitment to making storytelling accessible and meaningful to the widest possible audience. We are flying the flag of storycircles and we hope you will be able to join in the fun some time soon!

Richard Neville


I have been a storyteller all my life. I used to tell stories in front of my class at primary school and I am one of those people who seem to be destined to hear the stories of others! Many years ago I came across some storytellers in a museum and took a life changing decision to follow the path that stretched out of my childhood.

Since 1998 I have been working professionally as a storyteller. Early on in my career I discovered that people often told me stories after I had finished a performance. I began to develop a form of working which was embedded in conversation, where my own storytelling played a role in prompting storytelling from others.

Since 2000 I have specialised in work with community groups where I link my conversational approach with existing cultures of story sharing. These projects have led to many unforgettable experiences of discovery and connection. My conversational and improvisational approach has proved valuable in all settings. We are storytelling animals and my mission is to create storytelling moments, through all the means that are available, whether in conversation, in written exchanges, or in immersive experiences.
I continue to travel down the story path, not knowing where it will take me, willing to put one foot in front of the other and seeking companions along the way….

Marion Tessier

I am addicted to games, stories and making things – either in the real world or the digital universe. I trained as a librarian in France and had some dream jobs as specialist board game and video librarian.
For the last ten years I have been fortunate to work in libraries in France and London where I can try out so many cool ideas for engaging audiences. I have experimented with augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive objects, live games and interactive events.

I’m always looking for the next fun digital tool to learn and put to use. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch people who don’t feel they belong in the world of culture suddenly grasping that there are no borders and they can enter any time they like!


Working towards creating Story Circles is really a dream come true. It gives me the liberty to tell stories with all the weird digital ideas I have in mind and I can’t wait to see who wants to work with us and what we can achieve.

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