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Digital Escape Rooms are a highly enjoyable and accessible way for groups or individuals to play with stories. Our Escape Rooms combine strong backstories and characters with ingenious challenges that appeal to your sense of play and your imagination.


Groups who play our Digital Escape Rooms together find that they have begun to tell stories before they know it...and formed connections that are deeply satisfying.

Our Previous Digital Escape Rooms


The Interview

Issue Based Escape Rooms

Join us for an Escape Room with a difference - this one tests your librarianship skills! Will you overcome all the challenges we throw your way in less than 60 minutes? Will you find every clue, solve every puzzle?

Sign up for the Library of the Future Job Interview and discover what happens next.




Summer Reading Challenge

Storytelling Experiment

Join us to visit a mysterious planet far away. Use your knowledge and imagination to survive some of the weirdest challenges in the galaxy. End by making up a story of your own.




Deactivate Central Control

Escape and Escapism

Somewhere far into the future a digital dictatorship has confined all citizens to their homes and controls every aspect of their lives. Prove you have what it takes to join the rebels, follow the clues and set humanity free!



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