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The Planet With a Mind of Its Own

We created this escape room, our first for children, to celebrate the Summer Reading

Challenge in August 2020.

The theme of that year was the Silly Squad. We devised our own brand of silliness for the escape room, asking children to tell us jokes and have absurdist encounters with talking volcanoes and marching insects! There was a serious side as well, because we wanted to provide a platform for children to express their own imaginations and discover their own competence and creativity.

The escape room was accompanied by a separate story writing guide which provided a structured approach to creating a story.

It was noticeable that the children who played the game were using a number of different

devices to access it.

Several sessions involved a group of children in the same family gathered around a single phone. This escape room raised the issues of access and digital inclusion which we are still addressing.

We also adapted this escape room and played it very successfully with an adult group from Mencap. The live interaction, slapstick humour and audio visual presentation kept everyone fully involved so that adults with a range of abilities could share the same story experience.

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