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Asset Based Storytelling

Asset Based Storytelling in Kingston was a project that took place in the Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames between October 2021 and November 2022. It was delivered by Kingston Libraries and Kingston School of Art working in partnership with a range of community organisations in the borough.

The project involved collaborative storytelling sessions that were designed and delivered with staff and participants from our partner organisations, supporting members with varied needs.

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All Videos

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The aim of the project was to engage audiences in the development of their own storytelling practice, enabling them to extend social networks, develop creative partnerships, enhance wellbeing, and increase access to culture.

The project was evaluated by Kingston School of Art, leading to the creation of an extensive evaluation report and toolkit.

Project Team
For RBK Libraries: Fiona Tarn, Marion Tessier, Anita Lewis, Richard Neville (storyteller)
For Kingston School of Art: Professor Maria Chatzichristodoulou  and Dr Alexander Laffer

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