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The Unthought Tale: A Collective Storywriting Experience

This is the path of stories created both individually and collectively.

Here you will enter a labyrinth created from the stories of others crossing and meeting with your own to create...the Unthought Tale..
The Unthought Tale is an experiment in creative writing.

Beginning with an initial prompt, each member of the writing group will respond with a story fragment of their own. They can use words, images and audio in any way they see fit. With each new section of their story we will reply with a tailor made prompt that stimulates further responses from them. As the stories ravel and unravel, they will link and connect with each other. At the end of the project, there is one story, composed out of many imaginations.

Would you like to participate in a run of The Unthought Tale?

You can participate in The Unthought Tale as an individual (book on Eventbrite here if slots are open). For £25 (short experience) or £50 (long experience) you will participate in this experiment in story writing and create your own path. If no slots are open, click on "email alert" and we will send you an email to let you know when this experience will be available

Next session starting 01/02/2022! 


  STARTING 01/02/222 

To book The Unthought Tale for a group (library members, community group, residents homes...), send us a message. We will discuss your needs with you and give you a quote adapted to your specific interests.

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