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Escape 2020!

How can escape rooms and immersive experiences respond to the year that has just

passed? 2020 has contained elements of threat, puzzle, challenge, fitful co-operation and

deep isolation. Our first escape room – Central Control – couldn’t help reflecting the

disturbing and dystopian aspects of all that. Perhaps it was too overwhelming for some

tastes. We wondered if we could find a different approach? Could we create something

that would be light and cathartic at the same time? We had a thought – the escape wasn’t

from the pandemic, the escape was from 2020 itself.

It’s traditional to treat the last few days at the end of the year as a time to review what has

gone and prepare for what is to come. Escape 2020 is our contemporary take on that idea.

We made a list of twelve activities that became weirdly familiar during 2020 – a sort of

unwelcome bucket list. Then we made challenges to fit and now we are ready to offer our

services as the 2020 Transition Team!

With each challenge you will be able to say goodbye to one month of 2020. If you complete all twelve you will be ready to jettison the whole year! We hope you will find it a fitting way to look back, let go and prepare for whatever new challenges lie ahead in 2021.

Sign up for Escape 2020 here:


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