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We love stories! We want to tell them, listen to them and celebrate them. Most of all we want to explore the ways in which storytelling can bring people together. Over the years we have travelled down many different paths in search of new and old ways of telling stories.


On this website you can go down some of these paths with us….

Our Story Circles

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Stories In The Street

This is the path of storytelling in every day life.

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The Unthought Tale

This is the path of stories created both individually and collectively.

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Digital Escape Rooms

This is the path that immerses you in a story and challenges you to find a way out!

What we can do for you

What would you like to do with stories and what can we help you to achieve with storytelling?Over the years we have worked with audiences in a huge number of different settings including:


Libraries, schools, colleges, museums, community centres, prisons, hospitals, parks, care homes, local councils, businesses and of course on-line…


We can work with audiences of all ages, interests and levels of aptitude. We relish the challenge of finding an approach to storytelling that will be accessible and meaningful to your audience. 


We can create a personalised escape room, a story sharing workshop, a creative writing session, a team building event...or an entirely new way of exploring stories that has yet to be invented...


We believe in conversation and collaboration. The journey starts here! Contact us to find out what we can create together. 

Notebook and Pen


The Unthought Tale opened a whole new world of creative writing for me. It forced me to think outside the box and add new elements to story telling that I'd not considered before. Why does a story need to be just words, when it can be any form of mixed media! I loved the whole process and was beyond excited for each new installment. This is a fantastic run by the most creative people and is an absolute must for any storyteller.

An Unthought Tale Participant
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